Executive Coaching

You are probably already aware that people who invest in their own development are more likely to become successful, so .....

..... if for you, career success means :

•  Effective leadership and management
•  Control, Focus, Strategy, Motivation
•  Maximising Profit
•  Confidence and determination to reach personal and company targets
•  The skills to influence others
•  Fruitful relationships with clients and colleagues
•  The ability to find more time where needed
•  Enjoying a career that you love - not one you're trapped by
•  Mutual respect from your peers and your team
•  The income you know you deserve
•  Increased staff retention
•  Great communication on all levels
•  And RESULTS - pure and simple

  ..... then you need us on board now

Using our expertise in communication issues and interpersonal skills
for managers you'll discover just how quickly
your skills increase by using a Safety Net Development Programme

The Benefits

  • YOU will be firmly in control of your own development programme.
    You will work through your challenges with someone who believes in you, and maintains the professional objectivity to keep you completely focused.

  • Fast results and change for the better that you can measure and evaluate.
    Get where you want to be faster, more enjoyably and less stressfully than you would on your own.

  • You will be provided with something really special in today's world - the luxury of a genuine 'thinking environment ' .
    Gain access to the space and time necessary to organise your mind properly and discover your personal resources and potential. You'll benefit from the use of your Coach's experience and techniques, to gain personal clarity on your current position and uncover the answers to your most pressing challenges.

  • You will become highly capable in working out your own ideal way of moving forwards. The skills you learn during your programme will stay with you for the rest of your career, enabling you to deal more effectively with situations for many years to come .

  • Access the opportunity to remove stress and frustration so you can experience the real buzz of being happy and stimulated at work

  • Working in true partnership with your Coach, you'll discover your personal strategy for success , get to see your challenges from a new, more useful perspective and take the action needed to remove nagging feelings of discontent and frustration.

  • The new direction, energy and motivation you gain means you can possess those things that will make you successful, happy and secure.

We can provide you with your own personal road map
for the journey you want to make

The Safety Net Development process :

means you will experience a shift from being reactive to becoming proactive . You may already be aware of the sense of accomplishment you'll get when you experience your increased ability to deal with everyday challenges, the confidence to recognise your real choices and the skills to use those choices to the most positive ends.

Such personal development creates the structure and momentum to build on your current strengths. It will count favourably towards awards such as Investors in People and is evidence that your company is one which values its workforce. Safety Net Coaching in your business means increased self-responsibility, higher levels of staff retention, less stress and greater shows of initiative and enthusiasm in the workplace, together with enhanced leadership.

To become a Safety Net Business Client you need to:

  • Be brave enough to challenge your own thinking and allow it to be challenged by your Coach
  • Be sufficiently committed to change to try out new strategies where necessary
  • Be prepared to set aside the time and effort required to make the transformations you require.
  • Show us your honesty and commitment to change, and we'll show you results speaking for themselves.

Sooner or later you'll see that now is the perfect time to
develop yourself and your team.

"I have learned more from my failures than my successes." Richard Branson

"Do a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life." Unknown