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Client Testimonials

  'I was initially doubtful about the benefits of personal coaching given my experience at problem solving in business. However, my sessions with Linda have been a revelation. I would never have believed that Linda's techniques could have brought about the insight that has led to the improvements in business efficiency and personal balance that I am now enjoying. I would recommend the experience to anyone needing a sounding board for personal and business growth.' BG, Author and Chief Executive of a national Business Advice Company, Kent
 "Thank you for your work with me! Our sessions have given me the self-confidence and courage to do what I have wanted to do for the past 3 years but not dared. With your 'safety-net' I have learnt to trust my instincts, my capabilities and take a leap of faith into the unknown. I have learnt to take a risk and change my life, my thinking. I have also learnt that I'm in charge of my own destiny and that I can handle whatever the future may hold. How exciting is that?!!! It's scary too but not as frightening as living a life full of regrets, "what ifs" and "if onlys" .Thanks again, Linda" Fran, Teacher, Northamptonshire

"I attended a Saturday morning workshop run by Linda, and have been absolutely staggered at what I learnt, and have then achieved as a result of just a few hours. Prior to going to the workshop I was feeling very low, and had absolutely no direction. I was concerned that I had made a lot of wrong decisions in my life, and all I really wanted to do was jump on a plane and escape to the other side of the world! Being in my mid twenties, I was quite depressed that I felt this way!

One of the exercises at the workshop was an instant help. Two months down the line, I have started my own business and have a plan in place that within a year I can plan when I will hand my notice in at my current company. As a result of starting my own business, much of my spare time is spent developing this but I have met some amazing people and have developed personally in a huge way. Two areas in my life are on the up and my whole life is a lot more positive. I am a lot more fun to live with now, and even when I have a bad day at work, I just focus on what I will do when I get home to build my own business.

I would never have thought that I could get so much out of 1 morning, and since the workshop I think daily about my 'Wheel of life' and what I need to keep doing to keep it rolling smoothly! Thank you so much Linda, you have refocused my energy!

I hope this doesn't sound too OTT, it is genuinely from the heart though. Many thanks"
Zoë, Recruitment Consultant, Northamptonshire

"The coaching session enabled me to feel empowered and take control of a situation that I had found daunting. A very positive, uplifting experience." Annie, Personal Adviser, Northamptonshire
"Being coached by Linda means that I get the time and space I desperately need to explore what I really want from life. She asks incisive questions that get straight to the heart of my issue. She always pushes me to think more deeply, so that I get clarity on what is holding me back and how I'm going to get past it. After a coaching session with Linda, I always feel highly motivated, energised and ready to take action. She gives me the encouragement, support and confidence I need to reach for my goals. I have make real progress in many areas of my life as a direct result of Linda's coaching sessions. Thank you." Teresa, Musician/Composer, Buckinghamshire

" I can't believe how much of a difference just one session has made to my life. I focused and have made some promising inroads into a problem I saw no way out of. Thanks a million."
Steve, Marketing Director, Northamptonshire

"My one-to-one coaching sessions with Linda have helped me to discover what is truly important to me. The sessions have been challenging, yet inspirational. I found my life-coach warm, caring and passionate about helping me to move forward, especially in my personal life. I have to admit that I was a little sceptical at first; why not just chat with friends? But working with a trained professional with no personal agenda is all about YOU. You learn a lot about yourself and your goals and this can empower you and put you back in control of your destiny. Thank you."
Sue, Music Teacher, Birmingham

"You helped me focus and achieve simple changes to my life which before seemed to be a huge problem. There was no lecturing or judging. You just showed me how to sort out my own dilemmas so when I had solved the situation myself, I felt fantastic". Tanya, Dental Practice Manager, Northants

"I have been fortunate to work with Linda as a life coach and she has helped me enormously. I felt extremely comfortable during our discussions and found Linda to be very thorough, knowledgeable and caring in her approach. Her preparation was meticulous and the way in which she communicated and supported me was superb. She was interested in helping me develop and her ongoing support has been influential in helping shape my career.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever of recommending Linda to anyone. She is a credit to herself and to her profession. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity of working with her and receiving her support. "

Roger - Director of Corporate Care


" 'Come to the edge', he said. They said, 'we are afraid'. 'Come to the edge', he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew." Guillaume Apolinaire


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