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There are various routes you can take to make you happier and more successful.
Safety Net Development provides you with the road map you need
for your chosen route. There is no charge whatsoever for an initial advice or guidance discussion.
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Personal coaching - ROUTE 1

•  Individual Coaching programme 6 - 12 sessions
Make the changes you want at your own ideal pace with all necessary interim support by e-mail and telephone included. Choose sessions to suit your schedule. Once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. This is an ideal starting point to secure the personal life changes you want to make. What's it like when you imagine having solved your particular challenge for good? You'll enjoy sustained motivation, new insights and fast results.

Personal coaching - ROUTE 2

•  Fast track programme
3 sessions over 3 weeks

You might want to invest in some intensive coaching. Lots of momentum, more challenging, faster results


Executive Coaching

You are a competent professional and also a fallible human being. Who you are at work, impacts on who you are at home and vice versa. Use our personal development coaching to bring clarity and unity to your performance. Being happier at work results in less stress, greater commitment, increased confidence and measurable results. We specialise in enhancing interpersonal and communication skills for managers and providing follow-up coaching after training and the use of diagnostic tools to vastly improve their value and impact.

This is development coaching for professionals. You can achieve results fast because this is tailored to meet your needs, those of your staff and your business. For more information click here.



Blasting fears, phobias, physical pain and emotional issues
Increase your confidence levels and rid yourself of your fear of making presentations, spiders, needles, exams, snakes, swimming, etc. Alternatively use EFT to provide effective emotional and physical pain relief with rapid results. People are still surprised to experience the speed of results they get with these methods when working with your NLP Master Practioner. Click here to find out more

Singled Out !

Our fabulous programme especially for single people who want to improve their chances of meeting someone special and forming a great, lasting relationship that really works. You'll also love this programme if you want to be more "successfully single" or need your confidence building after the end of a long relationship. Click here to find out more.


Workshops - for your life and your business

All our workshops are tailored specifically for you. Full details on request.
Examples include:

  • Finding your ideal Work/Life Balance
  • Fast track to Self-Confidence
  • Time Management- Getting it right at last
  • Values and Beliefs - Bringing your whole self to work
  • How to Discover Your Personal Recipe for Happiness
  • Relationships that work

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