Singled Out!

Welcome to our fun and focused singles programme especially for you if you are single right now

This is not a dating agency – This is a personalised programme , individually tailored for your particular needs to improve your chances of having a great new relationship in the future. By the end of this programme, you will have the skills, confidence and the attitude you need to go out there and find yourself the right relationship for you.

With Singled Out ! you will quickly discover how to:

  • Singled Out!Boost your self-confidence and discover the self-worth to feel great about yourself
  • Ditch the old baggage from ex-relationships which holds you back
  • Make your future dates more successful and attract new people who will treat you how you want to be treated
  • Learn to talk easily and confidently to new people
  • Know who you are and what you want
  • Stop sabotaging your own chances of happiness
  • Be happy and confident whilst you are still single
  • Move on from the past and build lasting, meaningful relationships
  • Understand how you can look and feel attractive (no matter what you look like)
  • Put love, luck and laughter in your life

Wouldn't all that be great?

  • Are you tired of being on your own and experiencing problems finding a loving, lasting relationship?
  • Are you nervous of dating or simply fed up with it?
  • Have you been hurt and have ‘baggage'?
  • Do you always seem to attract the wrong type of person?
  • Do you have a problem with commitment or being too ‘clingy'?
  • Do they love you and leave you?
  • Perhaps you have recently experienced the end of a long-term relationship and simply need help adjusting confidently to single life?

Fortunately you can change that now

Now you want to become truly ‘relationship-ready' or simply want to feel happier whilst you are on your own, your programme includes:

  • 5 x one-hour personal coaching sessions
  • 6 x twenty minute follow–up phone calls to give you the boosts you need for the next 6 months
  • personal text messaging for support.

Everything you need for only £395 (that's less than the price of a wedding cake!)

For a total makeover of mind and body, why not choose one of our

Optional Extras

  • A session with our image consultant
  • A nutritional assessment and personal dietary advice
  • Extra coaching sessions on any topics you'd like to revisit

If you are currently in a relationship and feel you still need to experience the benefits that this course offers, you are also very welcome on this programme. Just tell us when you call so that we can adjust to your needs.